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Perth Home Builder: Eco-Friendly Building Options for Your New Home

By Carl on March 18th In Info Articles

In any construction project, balancing considerations such as budget, time, and aesthetics can be a challenge. When building a new house, therefore, be sure to include environmental considerations in your plans and preparations. The products used to build, furnish, clean, and enhance your home must be a part of the greening process.

Environmentally responsible products, HousingLocal

Why go green, you may ask? Thanks to more efficient materials and systems, you can enjoy lower utility bills today and higher resale values later. Likewise, you can contribute to global sustainability efforts that yield long-term economic benefits. Here are a few examples of the latest materials, products, and technologies that a trusted Perth home builder typically uses today, according to the Housing Industry Association (HIA):

Plantation-Grown timber

Demand for construction wood continues to grow worldwide. Plantation-grown timber is helping to meet this rising demand, and offers a number of advantages compared to their forest-grown counterparts: First, plantation forests produce 3 to 10 times more usable wood than forests. Second, better pricing is possible because of the trees’ uniformity. Third, plantation trees grow faster, thanks to the better attention afforded them.

Integrated Heating Systems

Integrated heating technology combines space and water-heating functions in one system. Some models even include cooling and ventilation functions within a single mechanical unit. Tests have proven that these systems are able to achieve high efficiencies overall.

Solvent-Free Paints

The name is actually a misnomer—solvent-free paints aren’t completely solvent free, they just use natural solvents that contain less harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), thus making them a healthier alternative to conventional paints.

All-Natural Home Fixtures

Natural materials such as linoleum, cork, and bamboo are highly renewable, and thus make good flooring options. Traditional carpets are generally made from synthetic materials and emit VOCs, among a host of other harmful chemicals. If you plan on using carpets, choose those made of natural materials such as bamboo, wool, jute, hemp, coir sisal, or sea grass.

You can ensure the eco-friendliness of your new home by partnering with a green builder of new homes for sale in Perth like BuzzHomes. Such a builder would be a certified member of environmentally responsible organisations such as the HIA, and can be trusted with your new home’s green considerations.

(Source: Environmentally responsible products, HousingLocal)

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