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New Homes for Sale in Perth: Their Advantages for First Home Buyers

By Carl on January 23rd In Industry News

When buyers look into their options for a first home, they tend to have location high up on their priority list. After all, the place where the property will be situated will play a huge role in their quality of life.


Western Australia Cements

In the current Australian housing market, it is Western Australia which is attracting a big pool of first home buyers thanks to the abundance of moderately priced houses that promise comfortable living nonetheless. The most recent real estate figures show that 20.7 percent of the total buyers are made up of first home buyers who also take advantage of the first home grant privileges from WA’s Office of State Revenue.


This flourishing WA real estate market is definitely encouraging for first home buyers who are hoping to set up residence in this area. They have plenty of housing options, but the big question is whether they prefer established homes over new homes for sale in Perth for their purchase. Here are the advantages they can expect to enjoy if they go with a new home:


Modern-day aesthetics

Old homes bearing architectural styles like Byzantine and Victorian will continue to remain popular in WA. Still, houses inspired by these aesthetics look out of place in a thriving and vibrant city like Perth. A newly built home, meanwhile, is in tune with the times as it has a contemporary feel. New home builders like those from BuzzHomes even offer first home buyers the chance to be involved in their new home’s design.


Advanced functionality

First home buyers will also look beyond the surface, and luckily, today’s modern-looking homes offer optimum functionality. These newly built houses are made from quality construction materials and utilise state-of-the-art tools and techniques. First home buyers can also make specifications to the builders if they want to emphasise a particular purpose. For instance, if they like throwing dinner parties, a home builder in Perth can add special features like a spacious kitchen area or an alfresco dining area.


Less maintenance

Established homes tend to require more maintenance than recently built homes. As such, when buying an existing home, owners would really have to set aside some budget for repairs and renovations.


WA currently boasts of an exciting real estate market, and first home buyers can take advantage of it. To that end, new home builders like those from BuzzHomes stand ready to help them.


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