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House and Land Packages in Perth and Other Nearby Areas


Who does not wish to settle down in a spacious and elegant home? If you have the finances, you are one step closer toward living in your dream house, although you might have some difficulty finding the right properties and locations to purchase. Perth is a suitable area to live in, but you still have to select a decent home design and reasonable location. Allow Buzz Homes & Living to set you up with your first home with its generous house and land packages in Perth.


Our home and land packages are some of the best accommodations in the Perth region. Our wide selection of home designs allows our customers to select the most suitable living spaces possible. We bring over 30 years of combined house building experience to the table, and we are dedicated toward providing you with a residence that is comfortable, stylish, and affordable.


We have an easy 4-step process for you to follow in obtaining any of our house & land packages located in Perth or the nearby locations. First, you can discuss with us your financial obligations and circumstances so we can tailor a package to suit your needs and requirements. Next, you then select a location in or near Perth to build your chosen home in. Then you will be asked to choose a design from our modern selection to suit any taste and style. Finally, let us handle the actual building of your home and make your dream a reality.


If you are looking to own your first house and land in Perth, turn to Buzz Homes & Living. Our house and land packages are some of the most expertly designed and reasonably-priced properties in and around Perth. We also offer several financial options for those who have a strictly limited budget. Do not feel intimidated at the thought of owning a house; let Buzz Homes & Living start you on your home ownership journey.


Home & Land Packages

home-land-packages lawnAs a first home buyer, Buzz Homes & Living believes you should have choice. Choice of where you want to live, choice of style of home. Buzz Homes & Living delivers this and more. Choice of where you want to live, with access to unique and affordable land across the metropolitan area. Buzz Homes & Living specialises in tailor making the best Home and Land package for you. With a sensational range of designs your choice of home will make you the envy of your street.

Choose Your Suburb

Sold Grass imageWhen it comes to choosing your suburb there are so many things to consider. Schools, work transport, family and more. When making the biggest decision you are likely to make, at Buzz Homes & Living our fully trained consultants will work with you to find the suburb that best suits all of your needs.

Our Designs

Buzz Homes Designs Buzz HomesBuzz Homes & Living stands out from the crowd with our unique building options, giving you the opportunity to choose from any of our clever and modern living designs and select from multiple styles to ensure you have the best looking home on your street and, best of all, this winning combination is also possible for the one fixed price.


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