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House and Land Packages: On the Lookout for More Sustainable Homes

By Carl on October 29th In Info Articles

When you buy house and land packages, you have to think about its real cost way beyond what is on the price tag. Maintenance, future renovations, and moving costs seem to be top of mind for most people in Perth. What they are forgetting is how much they will be spending on utilities such as electricity, water, and gas in the long run. One way to save up on money now is to make sure that your new house will be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Here are some sustainability essentials you should be looking out for.


House and Land Packages


Quality Materials and Design

Here is where your choice of builder really matters. Reputable home builders like BuzzHomes use quality materials that last longer, thereby giving you a home that is easier and more cost-efficient to maintain in the future. Design also plays a role in the energy-efficiency of a home. Whether your house faces north, south, east or west – the position of a house on a block of land can affect your house’s energy consumption in terms of cooling and heating. Be sure to ask your builder’s opinion before starting construction.


Newly Built Homes

There are many advantages to building your own home in Perth instead of buying one that is on the market, aside from freedom of design and government financial programs for house & land packages. One of those is better sustainability since the house will be built entirely out of newer materials. Your home will be equipped with newer cooling and heating systems as well. If you buy an older home, chances are you will also be buying the outdated features that come with it. Later on, you will have to upgrade those features—that is, if they don’t break down first.


The Right Neighbourhood

Another thing to add to your list when finding a nice suburb to build your house in is sustainability. Take Perth in Western Australia, for example, which is one of the best places to find a sustainable property. A lot of that has to do with the fact that people in the city take solar power and insulation very seriously. Another concept local Perth builders put to practice is building north-facing homes that make for great passive solar heating to reduce the needs of heating during winters.


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