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Home Builders in Perth, WA Fulfil 3 Essentials for Bathroom Happiness

By Carl on March 19th In Info Articles

It’s no secret that bathrooms are high-traffic areas in any home, which is why they receive utmost consideration during the construction phase. These days, an earthy-looking bathroom with features inspired by nature is what most new homeowners want to see in their new homes, and Perth, WA builders, designers, and renovators are quick to adapt to this trend. With this in mind, here is a list of what to consider when planning or building your dream bathroom for your new home:



Bathroom Renovation Ideas And Tips, LifeStyle HOME

Natural Lighting

Natural light shining through your bathroom windows not only makes for a cheerful environment, it also ensures that your bathroom is a healthier place to be in. A dark and dank bathroom is prone to mould growth, which can be hazardous to one’s health. By making sure your bathroom receives plenty of natural light, you significantly reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth.


Storage Solutions

Chances are, you use a lot of vanity products to help you get ready for the day, and you store them all in your bathroom. Your plethora of bath, hair, and skin care products all need to be organised, and that’s why having plenty of shelving and cupboard space can spell a world of difference in terms of your bathroom’s order and cleanliness. While you’re at it, consider having open shelves and robe hooks for your towels and bathrobes as well.


Easy Clean Features

A cluttered bathroom is not at all inviting, and a dirty bathroom even less so. Think about having some easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures installed, such as quick-release toilet seats, handheld showers, and bidets. These features make cleaning your bathroom—as well as yourself—so much easier.

Home and lifestyle magazines are great sources of bathroom design inspirations. You may also take note of bathroom design ideas when visiting other people’s homes. Take note of what you like when you’re at a friend’s house, or even when you’re staying in a nice hotel.

Then again, if you work with experienced home builders and providers of Perth house and land packages like BuzzHomes, your ideal bathroom space can be easily brought to life. Your chosen home builder will get to know your needs and preferences, from your desired colours to how you’d like to spend time in the bathroom. Talk to a representative from these companies about the ideal colours, tiles, and fittings that you may incorporate into your bathrooms as they plan and build your new home.


(Source: Bathroom Renovation Ideas And Tips, LifeStyle HOME)

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