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For First Home Buyers in Perth, Closing the Deal Gets Better, Easier

By Carl on January 22nd In Industry News

If you are one of those Perth first home buyers whose have not been able to narrow down on a property, some changes are afoot that may work for you. Perth Now’s Peter Law writes that the Western Australian state government is making progress in the implementation of numerous housing reforms under the “Planning Makes It Happen” initiative.


WA Planning Minister

The move is timely in light of Western Australia’s being graded under the Housing Industry Association’s Housing Scorecard report, which revealed top national scores for the state in residential house building. Its closest rivals for the honour were the Northern Territory and New South Wales. A developer of house and land packages like BuzzHomes aims to help your dream home become one of the new houses to be set up this year.


Meat of the Solution

A closer look at the reforms will educate prospective homeowners on how things will be to their advantage. WA Planning Minister John Day said one proposal allows for R-code compliant single houses to be exempted from scrutiny under the Model Scheme Text, saving homeowners time and money in processing the application. Eleven of Perth’s 30 councils are known to pore over each house plan before approving it.


The land marked for the house-and-land package can be prepped up for construction earlier. The reforms aim to amend both the Metropolitan Region Scheme and Local Planning Schemes to cut down the preparation time to roughly one year. Day cited the case of 1,000 Forrestdale residential lots that took over three years to be finished for housing work.


Grants Pending

When people are looking to have their first house built, discussions with your developer on the First Home Owners Grants (FHOG) are not far behind in most cases. Western Australia’s FHOG programme allows homeowners a chance to have access up to $10,000 if the subject house is a new build. The main prerequisite of this is that the final cost of the entire project should be no more than $750,000; however, FHOGs for houses built north of the 26th parallel are contingent on costs being less than $1million.


The opportunities for first home buyers direct in Perth are legion and it’s up to you to exploit that window. When you deal with an outfit like Buzz Homes on this matter, you just might be opening the door to your dream house before long.


(Source: ‘Cheaper, easier’ to build homes after planning law shake-up, says WA planning minister John Day, Perth Now)

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